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Special reports


Asia Still Coal’s Purple Patch

Tim Buckley, IEEFA, Australia, provides a report on the current state of the coal industry in South and Southeast Asia.


The May/June issue of World Coal is online

The May/June issue of World Coal features technical articles on mine hoisting, room and pillar mining, trucks and tyres, ventilation and dust control, coal washing and separation.


Opportunity is in the Air

Kevin Summ, Anguil Environmental Systems, USA, outlines a solution for harnessing power from ventilation air methane.


Mind the Digital Gap

Thomas Boutaugh, PEC Consulting Group – PENTA Engineering Corp., USA, discusses the advances in technology in the underground coal mining industry since the 1970s.


Hydrodynamic Duo

Fabian Korb, J. M. Voith SE & Co. KG, Germany, outlines how up-to-date hydrodynamic solutions for mining drivelines enable operators to handle market transformation.


Tippers In The Cold

Ewelina Ptak, KH-Kipper, Poland, explains how to overcome the harsh, cold conditions faced by coal transporters every year.


The Indian Imperative

Anne-Claire Howard, Bettercoal, UK, explains why India’s coal supply chain must become more responsible.


Australian bushfires: have they made coal reputationally toxic for business?

As the corporate world scrambles to embrace environmental, social and governance sustainable development goals and carbon neutrality targets, alva asks if the reputational risk of any involvement in coal post-Australian bushfires now become too great for businesses and investors to countenance?


Containment failure spurs changes to ash hopper systems

Due to environmental concerns and economic factors, power plants that use slurry containment systems are transitioning from traditional ash handling systems to more environmentally sound alternatives.


Global carbon dioxide emissions flatlined in 2019

According to data recently released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions stopped growing in 2019, despite widespread expectations of another increase.