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Special reports


Working in tight spaces

Handling Week: Waldemar Wójcicki, FAMUR S.A., Poland, examines the use of compact conveyor drives in underground mines.

Minimising downtime, maximising efficiency

Handling Week 2017: Eric Yan, Eriez Flotation Division, and Jose Marin, Eriez Minerals and Materials Processing, USA, detail technology developments that can facilitate ways to minimise downtime, produce savings and expand capacity.

Not wearing out

Handling Week: R. Todd Swinderman, RToddS Engineering LLC, USA, discusses conveyor belt wear from loading and cleaning.

Centred: the art of conveyor belt tracking (Part 2)

Handling Week 2017: Paul Harrison, Martin Engineering, USA, expands on remedies for conveyor belt mistracking by focusing on different belt training methods in part two of a two part series.

On the upgrade

Handling Week: Mike Gawinski, Rulmeca Corp., USA, details a motorised pulley upgrade on an exposed conveyor drive at a Westmoreland Coal mine, which improved conveyor performance and increased uptime.

The road to better dust control

Handling Week 2017: Eric Tomicek, Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE), Australia, details dust suppression solutions for haul roads at opencast mining operations.


Thinking outside the box

Handling Week 2017: Harold A. Walker and Donna F. Walker, PICOR, USA, illustrate how modern coal ports can advance shiploading and eliminate port pollution.

Centred: the art of conveyor belt tracking (Part 1)

Handling Week 2017: Paul Harrison, Martin Engineering, USA, provides part one of a two part series on conveyor belt mistracking, including ways to identify and combat these misalignments.

A new wave of technology

Handling Week 2017: Harold A. Walker and Donna F. Walker, PICOR, USA, explore the dangers of hatches and hatch covers on ocean-going coal vessels and how a new technology could avoid such risks, reduce costs and improve safety.

More Special reports news

Tightening up on storage

In World Coal December, Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, looked at the changing face of US coal and why companies are using domes to store product.

Put to the test

In World Coal December, Ralph Story, PEBCO Inc., USA, provided an overview of a start-up testing operation of the company’s batch weigh train loading system in South Africa.

The BtuBaron’s half-time report

In the December issue of World Coal, Steve Doyle, President of BtuBaron LLC, provided the consultancy’s half-time report on coal prices.

Change is now

In World Coal November, Rohit Vedhara, Aum Energy, Singapore, and Gary Love, Verso Energy, Australia, explain the company’s advancements in microbial coal conversion.