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Special reports

Compensation to be given to families of Bhilai victims

The Indian government is to give Rs. 30 lakh (approximately US$40 725) to the families of each of the 12 workers killed in an explosion at the Bhilai steel plant in the state of Chhattisgarh on 9 October.


Skimming the surface

Surface miners offer considerable advantages in terms of both economic efficiency and the final product.


Piece of cake

Matteo Goich, Matec, USA, outlines a waste water treatment solution for coal companies in pursuit of clean coal that uses a filter press and thickener method to produce a more environmentally-friendly cake byproduct.

More Special reports news

US Department of Energy to fund six carbon capture technologies

The US Department of Energy hopes that the six projects will improve reliability and operational flexibility, reduce high capital costs, and reduce the high-energy penalty associated with operating existing carbon capture technology.

A touch of safety

In World Coal’s November/December issue, Tim Wylie, Ampcontrol, highlights the importance of controlling touch potentials in earth fault limited networks.

Getting dust under control

J.H. Fletcher has released a new dry scrubbing product to compliment its roof bolting product line.

Analysing coal with x-ray diffraction

Uwe Konig, PANalytical, Netherlands and Katherine Macchiarola, PANalytical, USA, present the analysis of coal by x-ray diffraction (XRD).