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Centred: the art of conveyor belt tracking (Part 1)

Handling Week 2017: Paul Harrison, Martin Engineering, USA, provides part one of a two part series on conveyor belt mistracking, including ways to identify and combat these misalignments.

A new wave of technology

Handling Week 2017: Harold A. Walker and Donna F. Walker, PICOR, USA, explore the dangers of hatches and hatch covers on ocean-going coal vessels and how a new technology could avoid such risks, reduce costs and improve safety.


More coal news updates


Corporate changes at Acacia Coal

Acacia Coal appoints new Executive Directors, as well as a new Chief Operating Officer and a General Manager Strategy & Marketing.


Delivering relevant data to optimise profit

The EarthTrack® Fleet Management Solution from RCT is the key to smarter, profit boosting equipment. Providing machine and operator performance directly to the decision makers, in real-time.


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