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Australian bushfires: have they made coal reputationally toxic for business?

As the corporate world scrambles to embrace environmental, social and governance sustainable development goals and carbon neutrality targets, alva asks if the reputational risk of any involvement in coal post-Australian bushfires now become too great for businesses and investors to countenance?


Companies put Poland’s last new coal plant on ice

Environmental lawyers have hailed ‘the end for new coal’ in Europe as two Polish utilities announce they will suspend funding to the country’s last planned new coal plant, Ostroleka C, over economic concerns.

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Global carbon dioxide emissions flatlined in 2019

According to data recently released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions stopped growing in 2019, despite widespread expectations of another increase.

Mine water heat under the PhD spotlight

A potential new energy resource for coalfield areas is being researched by a PhD student in conjunction with the Coal Authority.