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Coal news updates


High belt speeds prove challenging for scrapers

High belt speeds represent a challenge for scrapers. Cleaning results are often less than satisfactory. But that is not always the case, as you can see at the opencast lignite mine in Jänschwalde, Germany.

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OBA creates space for new operations

The Dutch terminal operator's decision to clear a section of its coal-handling site, in order to diversify into other dry bulk commodities, was prompted by reduced demand for coal storage.


Corsa Coal to sell CAPP division

Corsa Coal is set to sell its CAPP division, which will enable the company to dedicate its corporate resources to the metallurgical coal market in order to achieve the highest rates of ROI.


Piece of cake

Matteo Goich, Matec, USA, outlines a waste water treatment solution for coal companies in pursuit of clean coal that uses a filter press and thickener method to produce a more environmentally-friendly cake byproduct.