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September 2020

The September/October issue of World Coal features a regional report on the Chinese coal sector, as well as features on: Washing, Cleaning & Separation, Ventilation & Gas Monitoring, Health & Safety, Shovels, Excavators & Draglines, and more!

This month's front cover is brought to you by Caterpillar.

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Weathering The Storm
A major impetus to coal prices amid the complexity of the global supply chain, Kunal Sawhney, Kalkine, Australia, examines the Chinese growth of coal following the coronavirus.

High Press-tige
Matteo Goich, Matec, Italy, presents and discusses the benefits of using a high-pressure filtration filter press for tailings management.

One Of A Brine
Alex Drak, Roi Zaken Porat, Tomer Efrat and Matan Alper, IDE Technologies, Israel, explain how to maximise industrial effluent treatment and lift recovery rates while lowering OPEX.

Simulating Safety
Florian Michelin, Howden Ventsim, Australia, explores methods of monitoring air quality and improving safety.

Clearing The Air
J. W. Schmode, Polar Mobility Research, Canada, provides an insight into the importance of health and safety in coal mining, and offers a range of solutions to help improve air quality.

How To Improve ‘Always-On’ Spaces
Thomas Domitrovich, Eaton, USA, details how to create safer conditions for electrical workers.

The Wonders Of Wireless
Cara Stephens, Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc., explains how to select wireless gas monitors to improve health, safety and productivity in underground coal mines.

A Good Live Stream
Doyle Taylor, Monico, USA, outlines how to get live streaming data from mobile mining equipment.

Powertrains And Predictions
Len Eros, ABB Motion, USA, shows how condition monitoring for powertrains is a good solution for predictive maintenance.

Fibre Pendants Flying High
Paul Badeau and Jim Pumphrey, Applied Fiber, USA, explore the reasons why dragline main pendants and shovel suspension cables are moving to fibre.

Combine To Redefine
Jeroen Hinnen, Allu, Finland, discusses the merits of turning loaders and excavators into effective primary crushing equipment by attaching transformers to the base carriers.

Cases Of Rail Wagon Unloading
Matthew Jones (UK) and Dr. Christoph Seifert (Germany), SCHADE Lagertechnik, discuss technical developments in unloading projects around the world.

Hit The Brakes
Damian Pyrek, SIBRE Siegerland Bremsen GmbH, Germany, explains how an intelligent brake control system can help protect belt conveyors in the mining industry.

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