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September 2019

The September issue of World Coal features a regional report on the Russian coal sector, as well as features on: Shovels, Excavators & Draglines; Automation & Control; Mining Chains; Longwall Mining; Logistics & Transport; Conveyors; Engines & Emissions Control; and more!

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Russia On The Rise
Anne-Claire Howard, Bettercoal, UK, talks responsible mining: working with the Russian coal sector.

Reduce Fatigue, Improve Efficiency
Justin McAdams and Charles Constançon, BMT, USA, explain how the company’s new dragline modification and repair scheme has reduced downtime and outage costs caused by fatigued dragline parts.

Powering Coal Mine Efficiency From Above
Jean-Thomas Celette, senseFly, Switzerland, looks at how the company’s drones have recently been used by the largest electric power company in Greece to provide cost savings and improve safety.

Making Adjustments
Kazimierz Hanuszkiewicz, FASING S.A., Poland, discusses chain connector development in relation to changes in the construction of chain conveyors and coal plows over the last 50 years.

Taking A New Turn
Sebastian Sokolik and Michal Marcinczyk, FAMUR SA, Poland, review Poland’s new thin coal seam longwall mining technology.

Fact Or Friction
Eric Tomicek, Australian Diversified Engineering, Australia, explains the importance of maintaining haul road networks and a solution that helps keep them safe for drivers.

Setting The Standards
Leslie David, Conveyor Belt Consultant, provides a detailed overview of standards in the conveyor belt industry, including the testing methods involved in their establishment, and provides some enlightening guidance as to what to look out for when selecting conveyor belts for specific applications.

Bridging The Distance
Liam Kai Sheeder, Belt Tech Industrial, USA, explores how overland conveyors can help mining companies close the distance that often separates mines from their processing plants.

Access All Areas
Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, USA, outlines how increasing conveyor access improves safety and reduces maintenance costs.

Performing When The Lights Are On
India Hester, Cerrejon, Colombia, recalls increasing productivity at a Colombian mine site.

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