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March 2019

The March issue of World Coal features a regional report on captive coal mining shortages in India and its impact on global imports, as well as features on Storage; Washing, Dewatering, Drying & Filtering; Truck & Shovel Mining; Gears, Motors & Drives; Room and Pillar; Mine Power & Power Systems; and more!

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Indian Captive Coal Shortfall Aids Imports 
Abhishek Rakshit, IHS Markit, India, describes how captive coal mining shortages in India could allow for a growth in imports.

There’s No Place Like Dome 
Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, outlines four key questions coal companies should consider when choosing a storage facility. 

Coal Silo Storage Solutions 
Dennis Blauser, Marietta Silos, USA, identifies a number of ways to store coal.

To Close A Coal Yard
Michael Rafter, RPM Global, USA, addresses the issues around ash ponds and the lack of true dewatering expertise.

The Polar Bear’s Kingdom
Ewelina Ptak, KH-KIPPER, Poland, provides a case study of the Norwegian island of Svalbard, and details how the company’s rear-tipping body has helped to combat transportation challenges associated with its Arctic climate.

Lend A Helping Hand 
Rhonda Knotts, Modular Mining, USA, explains how global experience, local presence and personal relationships add up to increased value for customers.

Step It Up A Gear 
Pete Morzinski, ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc., USA, provides an overview of the installation methods available for a large shaft-mounted gear reducer, and details how this can save time and improve safety levels in coal operations.

Energising India 
Dr. Uli Lange and Marc Bartsch (Eickhoff, Germany) and Dipankar Banerjee (Gainwell, India), discuss new room and pillar equipment, which is supporting India’s coal growth.

mplementing Industry 4.0
Dave Durocher, Eaton, USA, investigates Industry 4.0 and asks the question: how do we get there?

The Distribution Of Power
Thomas Novak, Ph.D., P.E. and Joseph Sottile, Ph.D., University of Kentucky, USA, provide an overview of the mine power systems that supply underground coal mines in the US.


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