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March 2017

The March issue of World Coal includes Regional Reports outlining the coal industry in Mozambique and Mongolia. Technical features include Coal Storage Facilities, Longwall Pumps & Hydraulics, Lubrication & Wear Protection, In-Pit Crushing & Conveying, Conveyor Components, Diverter Valves, as well as general interest features on Coal Drying.

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Guest Comment

Coal News

Industry View: What President Trump Can Do To Help The US Coal Industry

Mozambique: The Long Road Ahead
Despite Mozambique’s great potential, there are challenges ahead that need addressing in order for the country’s coal industry to recover. JLT Mining reports.

Mining In Mongolia
Sabrin Chowdhury, BMI Research, Singapore, provides an overview of the mining developments that are imperative to increasing Mongolia’s coal output.

Investing In Infrastructure
David Paull, Aspire Mining, Australia, explains why improving rail connectivity in Mongolia is the key to driving coal export growth.

A New Era For Coal Storage
Linda Alves, Geometrica, USA, describes how modern coal storage structures are revolutionising the process of covering coal stockpiles.

Massive Storage Multiplied
Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, describes how six domes were selected for storing coal in northern China.

A Pillar Of Support
Allan Black, Joy Global, UK, explains why designing effective longwall hydraulics systems requires a holistic approach.

Water Treatment Solutions For Longwall Mining Systems
Rainer Schlautmann and Christopher Durst, Hauhinco, Germany, outline the benefits of integrating water treatment systems into longwall mining operations.

Getting To Grips With Grease
Mike Longbottom, Shell Lubricants, USA, highlights the importance of selecting a suitable gear grease in coal mining operations.

Lost Opportunity
Amy Duncan, Dos Santos International, USA, makes the case that high-angle conveying from opencast mines is not new, just ignored, and its benefits surpass current operations.

Back On Track
Kevin Maloy and L.D Spence, Richwood, USA, compare the advantages of preventing belt side tracking to the conventional method of correcting misalignment in bulk material handling.

Technology Trends In Mine Conveyingk
Coal mines across the world are turning to new backstopping devices from Stieber Clutch to protect conveyor belt systems.

The Value Of Valves
Kevin R. Peterson, Vortex Global, USA, details the successful application of the company’s gates and diverters for coal handling.

Introducing Microwave Beneficiation
Dr James Young and Steven Lawson, Targeted Microwave Solutions, USA, demonstrate how vertical microwave drying can unlock advantages for coal processing.

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