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June 2018

The June issue of World Coal features a regional report on Russia and Central Asia’s coal mining as well as technical articles on Coal Washing and Dewatering, Dust Control, Longwall Mining Equipment, Mining Software, Underground Mine Safety and more!

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Predicting Trends
Alexander A. Ignatov, Ignatov & Company Group, UK, provides an insight into Russia and Central Asia’s current coal mining industry.

A Competitive Advantage
Andreas Westphalen, Caterpillar Global Mining, Germany, discusses the advantages of variable frequency drive technology for face conveyors and plow systems in longwall mining.

Safe And Sound
Andrzej Kret, FAMUR SA, Poland, provides an overview of a range of powered roof supports and discusses how their implementation can improve the safety of new longwall projects in underground mines.

Al Ozment, US Foam Technologies, discusses the prevalence of underground mine fires in the USA, and details how gas-enhanced foam and direction drilling can increase the effectiveness of current mine fire suppression technologies.

A New Beginning
Sarah Lispet (Australia) and Naoto Sannomiya (Australia), Global Mining Division of Hitachi Construction Machinery, discuss how autonomous technologies are marking the dawn of a new era for the mining industry.

Fighting Fire
Clean conveyor systems, good firefighting capabilities and ongoing maintenance are the best defence against fires, explain Dan Marshall and Todd Swinderman, Martin Engineering, USA.

Washing Away
Eric Tomicek, Australian Diversified Engineering, Australia, discusses the importance of developing innovative ways to combat dust emissions in coal mining, and details two new water-based dust control solutions for the coal industry.

Times Are Changing
Ernst Bekker and Brent Combrink, Multotec, South Africa, discuss coal washing and dewatering processes.

Adapting To Change
Frank Grima, RPMGlobal, Australia, talks about closing the gap in mine planning and scheduling solutions.

The Significance Of Software
The World Coal team talks to RCT about the introduction of mining software and how it has benefited the coal industry.

A New Era For Mining Maintenance
Domitila Moreno, Cummins Inc., USA, discusses the evolution of a number of filtration optimisation solutions that can extend service intervals in coal mining.

Boosting Process Stability And Output
Nathan Flesher (USA) and Eben van Niekerk (Australia), McKinsey & Company, describe a data analytics-based approach to improve the stability of coal mining processes and raise productivity.

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