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June 2016

The June issue provides a regional report on Australia and includes features on Screening & Crushing, Blasthole Drilling, Underground Mine Communications, asset management and Shiploading & Unloading.

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Coal News

Industry View: Showers But With A Chance Of Sun
Hal Quinn, National Mining Association.

Australian Coal Sector Eyes Green Shoots
Anthony Fensom provides insight into where there could be a turnaround in the coal industry.

Classification In Coal Preparation
Aaron Noble, West Virginia University, and Gerald H. Luttrell, Virginia Tech, USA, demonstrate why ultra-fine size classification is an important part of coal preparation and explain why it should not be overlooked.

Screening & Classifying
Surendra Jain, The Daniels Co., USA, provides an overview of sizing and classifying operations in a coal preparation plant.

Know The Drill
Chris Lambert, Boart Longyear, USA, explains how to increase the productivity of diamond drilling in coal mining.

Old Mine; New Tricks
Gregory Scott, Caterpillar Inc., USA, illustrates how the Cat blasthole drill brings new technology to long-lived mine sites.

The Voice In The Mine
Jonathan Rowland talks to Chris Adkins of Strata Worldwide about underground mine communications.

The Right Connections
Denis Kent, Mine Site Technologies, Australia, explains how underground connectivity improves asset management.

A New Wave Of Technology
Harold A. Walker and Donna F. Walker, PICOR, USA, explore the dangers of hatches and hatch covers on ocean-going coal vessels and how a new technology could avoid such risks, reduce costs and improve safety.

Keeping Track Of Track-Out
Hilary Scholz, Neptune Wheel Wash, USA, describes how to avoid tracking hazardous material offsite on the wheels of trucks.

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