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June 2009

On this month's cover: Joy’s new shearer has broken the 10 million mark in China. Starting in April 2008 until the end of March 2009, Shenhua Energy’s Joy shearer had mined 10,269,915 t (11.3 million short t). This model of shearer, the 7LS7, is the first one of its kind to be designed and manufactured by Joy Mining Machinery. It is the largest and most powerful longwall shearer that went into production at one of the world’s largest coal mining complexes, Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd’s Shendong Coal Branch operation, Shang Wan Mine.

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Editorial comment

Coal News
Coal News

Left out in the Coal-ed?
Gordon Cope reports on the challenges that lie ahead for the US coal industry.

The Intelligence Factor
Dr Uli Paschedag, Bucyrus DBT Europe GmbH, Germany, discusses the importance of intelligent drive systems for ultra-long face conveyors.

Longwall Laurels
Bryan Toler and Danny Rochelle, Joy Mining Machinery, US, explain the success of the longwall miner at the Mountain Laurel coal mining complex.

Exceeding Expectations
In this case study, Cay Mims, Proudfoot Consulting, US, describes how longwall operations were rapidly improved to meet corporate operational excellence standards and achieve US$ 5.5 million of cost reductions.

Planning that adds Value
M.D. Rowlands, Runge Ltd, Australia, examines the value of a standardised and procedural approach to underground mine planning.

Meeting the Clean Coal Challenge
Dr Chris Spero, Callide Oxyfuel Project, Australia, reports on the progress to make an existing coal-fired power plant produce almost zero emission electricity.

Improving Combustion Efficiency
Dr Abhay Bulsari, Nonlinear Solutions Oy, Finland, and Antti Wemberg, Ari Anttila and Ahti Multas, Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Finland, discuss improving combustion efficiency while controlling gaseous emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Fighting the Causes of Water Contamination
Michael Mörk, Rainer Seebach and Dr Thomas Grimm-Bosbach, Seebach GmbH, Germany, describe the processing of natural surface water for use in powerplant cooling circuits.

US Equipment Manufacturers Review

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