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July 2018

The July issue of World Coal features a regional report on Australia’s recent coal revival as well as technical articles on Mine Monitoring and Maintenance, Roof Support and Ground Control, Cover Story, Drill and Blast, Mining Tyres, Mine Lighting, Stockyards, Storage Domes and Silos, Conveyor Systems and Coal Logistics Management.

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Industry View

Australia’s Coal Revival: The Return Of The Deal
Anthony Fensom discusses Australia’s recent coal revival and ponders the future of Australian coal.

Mining For Data
Jordan Herrmann, Maptek, Australia, explores the importance of collecting, interpreting and communicating geospatial data for safe mining operations.

Supersize Shields
David Zhang, Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co. Ltd, China, discusses the application of extra large height mining technology on high coal seams in China which can enhance coal recovery rates.

Drive Up Savings
Henning Ranft, Wirtgen, Germany, discusses the advantages of using surface miners as an alternative to conventional rip-and-stack or drill and blast coal mining.

Sharing Information Is Key For Innovation
Simon Tose, AEL Mining Services, South Africa, talks through bringing future technology to blasting.

Treading Carefully
Mandy Bromley, AM Bromley, UK, discusses why all off the road tyre fleets should be using a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Flick The Switch
Félix Gómez, Atlas Copco Power Technique, Spain, examines the increasing popularity of LED lighting in the mining industry, and outlines some important considerations for mine operators to bear in mind prior to switching from more established lighting methods to this relatively new technology.

Containing Coal
A town in Chile previously stored the fuel for its coal-fired power plant in open air yards. Francisco Castaño (Geometrica, USA) and Carlos Aguilar Rioseco (Enel, Chile), review the town’s recent adoption of an alternative form of storage.

Gear Up
Donna Akers, Rexnord, USA, highlights how the adoption of virtual-condition monitoring in gear drives can overcome the time-consuming and costly nature of manual inspections.

Leading The Way
Christian Dirscherl, Siemens AG, Germany, details advances in automated conveyor systems that are helping improve safety, increase reliability and reduce operational costs.

Telling The Full Story
Betsy Thibaut Stephenson, on behalf of Lighthouse Resources, Inc., USA, discusses connecting the world’s largest coal market with the largest supply.

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