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January 2016

The January issue provides a regional report on the Indian coal sector, as well as a special reports on the US and Big Data and Mining. The issue also includes features on roof bolting and grouting, conveyor components and design, shovels and trucks, and screening and sizing.

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Coal News

Industry View: Global Trends In Coal To 2020
Clifford Smee, Timetric, Australia.

Good Intentions
Despite industry reform and growing output from Coal India, the Indian coal sector is beset by persistent problems that will hamper growth. Mitchell Hugers, BMI Research, UK reports.

The Evolving Face Of Coal
The Clean Power Plan hit a US coal industry already struggling with other regulatory challenges and competition from natural gas. But despite the industry’s current woes, it’s not going away anytime soon, as Andrew Moore, Platts, USA, reports.

Sheer Strength
Naj Aziz, Jan Nemcik and Ali Mirzaghorbanali, University of Wollongong, Australia, discuss shear strength properties of cable bolts.

A Path To Development
Brian Thompson, Joy Global, explains how the company’s fleet of miner bolters has helped mines to overcome bottlenecks and improve reliability.

Keeping Things Running Smoothly
Bernhard Schust, Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, outlines how fluid couplings can help to ensure smooth conveyor operation.

Suppliers Round-Up Special: No Tyring Out
Mike Brown, Kal Tire, UK, provides an overview of the company’s True Tire Technology.

Setting A Platform
Frank Wickert, Flanders, USA, explains how the Freedom Platform for shovels can enhance DC rope shovel performance, while minimising the structural stresses inherent in mine environments.

Coal Crushing
Dr York Reichardt and Sven Heuer, Hazemag, Germany, elaborate on the use of crushers in coal operations.

Small Steps To Big Results
Steve Bradbury, Dingo, USA, explains the Compound Effect and illustrates how maximising on data to improve seemingly small decisions can lead to big results.

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