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February 2016

The February issue provides a regional report on southern Africa and includes features on Longwall Mining, Exploration Drilling, Coal Inspection, Sampling & Analysis and Bucket Wheel Excavators.

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Coal News

Industry View: HELE Technologies Vital To Low-carbon Future
Glenn Kellow, Peabody Energy.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Southern Africa’s coal producers face myriad challenges with limited upside, as Jonathan Rowland reports.

Tools Of The Trade
Karol Bartodziej, FAMUR Group, Poland, introduces the e-mine system as a tool to support longwall mining optimisation.

Fit For Purpose
Dr Juergen te Kook, Alexey Shalashinski and Axel Studeny, DMT, Germany, explain the use of numerical modelling in choosing hydraulic supports.

Innovations In Coal Exploration
Coal mining environments are becoming more demanding, proving new challenges for drill rigs. Thomas Way, Dando Drilling International, UK, describes the company’s solution to overcoming new challenges.

Uncovering Quality
Peter Bagchus, RC Inspection, the Netherlands, highlights the importance of sampling solid fuels cargo to establish the cargo quality.

The Future Of Ash Fusion Analysis
Professor Ed Lester and Thomas Huddle, University of Nottingham, Patrick Daley, the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy, and Paul Haigh, Carbolite Gero Ltd, UK, detail advances in ash fusion analysis.

Aiming For Sampling Excellence
Adam Orner, McLanahan, USA, discusses the steps required to develop an effective coal sampling system with a case study highlighting a recent project from a mine in Wyoming.

Thinking Long And Hard
Thomas Jabs, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Germany, provides an update on developments in bucket wheel excavator designs for mining harder materials.

Leading The Way
Viktor Konstantinovich Shchukin and Dmitry Pavlovich Melekhov, Bogatyr Coal LLP, Kazakhstan, explore the history of bucket wheel excavator technology at the Ekibastuz deposit coal mines in Kazakhstan.

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