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August 2018

The August issue of World Coal features a regional report on South Africa, focusing on public and government perceptions to its newly proposed, revised South African mining charter, as well as technical articles on Coal Inspection, Testing & Analysis; Shiploading & Unloading; Crushers, Breakers & Sizers; Mining Tyres; Shovels, Excavators & Draglines; Stackers & Reclaimers; Mining Chains; and more!

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Out With The Old, In With The New
Barry Baxter discusses the newly proposed, revised South African mining charter and presents the reactions of the industry, government and public.

Tackling Wear And Tear
Anita Chumber, Kingfisher Industrial Ltd, UK, highlights wear-resistance benefits against coal.

Breaking Convention
The Ha Tinh steel plant has moved away from conventional unloading systems and selected a screw-type unloader for its metallurgical coal. Per Hansson, Siwertell, Sweden, illustrates how using this technology is paving the way for clean, efficient and cost-effective steelmaking.

Branching Out
Frank Perdaen and Ilona van Drongelen, OVET, the Netherlands, detail how a dry bulk terminal in the Netherlands developed a new specialism in the screening and treatment of their clients’ dry bulk products.

Power Up
From opencast mining material to transforming material ‘mixes’ for use in power plants, Marjut Lindroos, ALLU Group, Finland, explains how the company is helping to transform coal processing operations.

Enhancing Crusher Value
Doug Sublett, TerraSource Global, USA, discusses how a holistic evaluation of wear parts is key to optimising crusher value.

Put A Ring On It
Jan Malik and Dr. Armin Greune, thyssenkrupp, Germany, highlight efficient coal crushing in power plants.

Beyond The Rubber
In constant pursuit of the best tyre for the mine site, Johan De Jager, Kal Tire South Africa, highlights how the company’s technical teams study every condition that impacts tyre life.

Shovels, Excavators And Draglines, Oh My!
Dr. Konstantin Anistratov, Dr. Taras Donchenko and Dr. Daniil Shibanov, UZTM-KARTEX, Russia, discuss how the company has been able to supply a complete range of electric mining excavators to the Russian mining industry.

Innovating In The Illawarra
Port Kembla Coal Terminal’s new coal stockyard infrastructure has restored the terminal’s asset efficiency and productivity, and provides security for the coal export industry in the Illawarra region for the next 25 years and beyond, explains John Gorman, Port Kembla Coal Terminal, Australia.

Underground, Down Under
Longwall Hydraulics in Australia talks about refining design and production methods to meet new customer requests and helping to push longwall mining production boundaries.

Chains: The Priority
Kazimierz Hanuszkiewicz, Capital Group FASING Plc, Poland, discusses how the adjustment of mechanical properties can increase the durability and lifetime of a plow chain in extreme performance conditions.

The Future Of Thermal Coal In Power Generation
Dr. Hakan Arden, DMT Consulting Limited, UK, explains why it is essential to prepare coal projects in a meticulous way so that the decision-makers behind investments can be fully satisfied with the pros and cons of the project and make an informed choice accordingly.

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