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August 2017

The August issue of World Coal includes a regional report detailing Russia and Ukraine’s current coal dilemma. Technical features include: Slurry Handling & Tailings Management, Longwall Automation & Control, Dust Control and Gears Motors & Drives.

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Coal News

Winter Is Coming
Alexander A. Ignatov, Ignatov & Company Group, UK, describes the politics behind Russia and Ukraine’s current coal dilemma.

Tailoring Tailings Technology
Lewis Utting, BASF Mining Solutions, Australia, in conjunction with Coyne Chemical, presents a new method of tailings management using modified polymers.

Plain Tailings
Brett Salisbury, Science Developments, Australia, introduces a step change in the control of coagulant dosing at coal handling and preparation plants.

Evolutions In Excavator Technology
Gopal Madhavarao, Siemens Industry Inc., USA, discusses the benefits of modern AC drive systems for excavators.

Bringing Blasting Up To Scratch
Simon Bill, Motion Metrics, Canada, explains how image-based rock fragmentation solutions can be used to optimise blast parameters.

Essentials In Underground Mining
Steve Sangalli, Swanson Industries, USA, highlights the importance of equipment safety and efficiency in mining operations.

A New Dawn For Dust Control
Hugh Gordon, Company Wrench, USA, introduces a range of dust suppression systems for enhancing air quality during mining operations.

Putting Spray Systems In The Spotlight
Eric Tomicek, Australian Diversified Engineering, Australia, discusses the latest methods in dust suppression.

Driving Intelligent Improvements
Reinhard Kappeler, Schneider Electric, Australia, describes how advancements in IIoT technologies are bringing energy savings to mining.

The Lion’s Share
Benjamin A. Haberkorn, Eaton, USA, explains how conveyor motor performance can be optimised through load sharing.

Maintaining Motor Performance
Mathis Menzel, Menzel Elektromotoren, Germany, introduces a range of electric motors capable of operating in harsh environments.

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