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April 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of World Coal. This quarter’s publication contains all the latest news and insights from the industry, including a regional report on China by Mysteel Global. Make sure to also check out our range of technical articles, featuring content from Minova, Thungela Resources, KH-Kipper, Belt Tech Industrial, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by MMD GPHC.

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World News

Coal To Be Key For China

Hongmei Li, Mysteel Global, China, considers the continued importance of coal as an energy source for China.

Finding A PUR-fect Solution

Robert Hawker, Minova, Australia, discusses a new innovation in safe and controlled resin injection solutions, capable of improving underground safety for strata consolidation projects by reducing the risk of thermal runaway.

Embracing The Future Of Coal

July Ndlovu, Thungela Resources Ltd, South Africa, explores how to embrace the innovation, sustainability, and collaboration that the future of coal has to offer.

Understanding Coal’s Value

Ewelina Ptak-Krzemien, KH-KIPPER, Poland, discusses the value of coking coal in the metallurgical industry.

Power Up

Armin Waibel, UWT Level Control, Germany, outlines some solutions for level control in coal power plants, using a case study in India as an example.

Full Product Protection

Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA, reviews how embracing a dome storage solution’s seamless construction enables maximum control over interior conditions.

What’s News In IPCC/IPSC?

World Coal presents some of the latest news from companies operating in the in-pit crushing/sizing and conveying sector.

It Starts With Spillage

Michael Mass, Flexco USA, explains how controlling dust in the load zone starts with controlling spillage.

Is Doing The Math Worth It?

Liam Sheeder, Belt Tech Industrial, USA, poses the question: when calculating return on investment, is doing the math worth it?

Stopping Drops In Coal

Mike Rice, Dropsafe, Hong Kong, shows the benefits of dropped object mitigation technology.

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