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Editorial comment

A new year is upon us, and it already promises to be a very significant one. Not only is 2024 an Olympic year – Paris is set to host the 33rd edition of the Summer Games and 17th Summer Paralympic Games, the biggest event ever organised in France1 – but The Economist has declared it “the biggest election year in history”.2 With over half the Earth’s population expected to go to the polls for local, regional, or general elections, there is little doubt that we will see ground-breaking developments taking place on several levels on the global political stage as the year plays out.

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With regards to our own industry, ground-breaking by its very nature, 2024 will unquestionably be another significant year. The global mining and metals industry faced upheavals in 2023, due to economic and geopolitical uncertainties which disrupted commodity markets and continue to do so today. Success in 2024 will be contingent on purpose-driven strategies, adaptive planning, sustainable practices, and technological innovation.

To explore these themes further, make sure to check out Ian Sanders’, Global Mining & Metals Sector Leader, Deloitte Global, article on page 12 of this issue. Titled ‘Navigating global challenges and opportunities in mining and metals’, the article presents a summary of 10 trends that could define 2024 for the mining and metals industry. A link to Deloitte’s full 2024 mining outlook report is included in Ian’s article.

The theme of ‘technological innovation’, or a lack thereof, has defined the mining industry for a long while now. It has been frequently characterised as ‘slow to embrace change’, especially in terms of technology, but we are increasingly seeing this narrative begin to shift as more and more steps forward are taken by key players, carving out a path for others to follow.

This latest issue of Global Mining Review contains several examples of this in action. To name a few: Innovative Wireless Technologies evaluates the advantages of wireless mesh technology (p. 19); Flexco outlines how implementing an IoT system can boost performance and profitability (p. 30); SafeAI details how generative AI can enhance a wide range of functions (p. 56); and Intelsat explains the benefits of implementing satellite communications (p. 68).

Bearing these in mind, it is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel to make progress. The value of optimising existing assets and practices should not be overlooked. Dyno Nobel speaks to this in its article, ‘Seeing The Bigger Picture’, (p. 41), which is another must read.

Furthermore, 2024 is set to be another big year for sustainability in the mining industry. Don’t miss Weir Minerals and Metso’s latest articles (p. 49 and 53) discussing how tailings management solutions continue to be key to making mining green.

It suffices to say that there is a lot going on in the mining industry right now, and it is an exciting place to be. I am looking forward to attending SME MINEXCHANGE at the end of February to hear about more of the latest news first-hand. Make sure to visit myself and the rest of the Global Mining Review team at booth 919. Copies of this issue will also be available at PDAC 2024 in Toronto (3 – 6 March).


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