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Capital cutting coal

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As part of China’s campaign against hazardous air pollution, Beijing will construct four gas-fired power and heating plants before next year and close the last of its coal-fired generators by 2017.

Although significant progress has been made in reducing major pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, China's capital still requires many years to lower smog down to an acceptable level, as authorities cannot simply find alternative energy supplies.

Central Chinese government has launched a war on pollution, with Beijing on the frontline. This response comes amid fears that public disquiet about the state of the country's sky, water and soil could develop into political unrest.

The authorities of Beijing have already assured locals that big polluting industries are to be relocated into neighbouring Hebei province and total coal use will be cut to less than 10 million t by 2017.

Three of its four thermal power stations have already been closed down, with two closures in March this year likely to cut annual consumption by 4.6 million t.

Beijing will also invest US$7.70 billion to build four natural-gas-fired cogeneration plants by this year to provide cleaner heat and power for its 20 million citizens.

Beijing will meet 70% of its planned coal cuts assisted by the switch to gas for the generation of power.

Edited from source by Joseph Green. Source: Reuters

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