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Kazakhstan minister vows to develop Karaganda Basin

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Regional Governor for Karaganda, Nurmukhambet Abdibekov, has outlined the importance of increasing coal production in Kazakhstan.

The governor held a meeting on progress in the country’s coal industry and discussed the industry’s future, as well as goals officials are looking to achieve, according to the Astana Times.

“Currently, 11 mines, six coal mines and five small coal-mining enterprises are functioning in the region. Coal extraction has increased from 25.9 million t in 2009 to 32 million tonnes in 2013. It is expected that 32.5 million t will be extracted in 2014,” Tolegen Igembayev, head of the regional Department of Industry and Industrial and Innovative Development, said.

He noted that development of the coal industry has been repeatedly talked about by those in both the national and regional governments. All of the discussion has helped the industry identify key goals to work towards.

The recent reduction in production volumes by companies including AreclorMittal was a cause for concern at the meeting, according to reports. However, officials noted that ArcelorMittal Temirtau was planning to increase coal production to 15 million tpa, in order to help increase steel production in the region to 6 million tpa.

Director of the Karagandagiproshaht Institute, Ivan Mirny, discussed plans to build new metallurgical coal mines in the Karaganda coal basin from 2015 to 2025.

“The region has huge potential for development, highly qualified personnel, professionals, academics and a sufficient material and technical base. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to actively work on the diversification of the coal industry, including the deep processing of coal, coal development, the introduction of new innovative technologies and, of course, creating safer working environments. Our task is seeing to the sustainable development of the coal industry,” Abdibekov concluded.

Abdibekov also announced his intention to focus on the diversification of the coal industry in Karaganda. The governor hopes to add underground coal processing abilities, while also expanding the region’s coal-to-chemical’s industry. He also said new innovations and increased health and safety practices were vital in continuing stable development in the region’s coal industry. 

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