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CoalBlue Project calls for sustainable coal progress

World Coal,

CoalBlue Project democrats have called on President Obama to accelerate the development of sustainable coal. The organisation sent a letter that calls on President Obama and his administration to adopt a “clean energy agenda that reflects a realistic assessment of coal’s inevitable place in our nation’s energy future.”

The letter, signed by 410 representatives from 16 states, proposes to work with the President on advancing energy policies that accelerate the development and deployment of sustainable coal.

Development of sustainable coal

“The CoalBlue Project is making the case to the President and his administration that advancing the development of sustainable coal is indispensible to achieving a clean energy future for America,” commented Ron Klink, Board Chairman of the CoalBlue Project.

“Prudent stewardship of our domestic energy resources requires a more robust and immediate investment in sustainable coal technologies. A primary purpose of CoalBlue’s letter is to give voice to the hundreds of state and local Democratic leaders who support sustainable coal policies and seek to work in good faith with the President to address this pressing issue. This is the first of many efforts CoalBlue will undertake on this important issue,” Klink added.

Innovative coal technologies

Through innovative coal technologies, America can align its energy agenda with economic priorities “while delivering a cleaner environment for future generations,” said Nick Rahall, a National Co-Chairman of the CoalBlue Project. “I applaud and support CoalBlue’s urging the Administration to advance that agenda in a way that ensures continued use of coal and the many opportunities it affords.”

“CoalBlue is greatly encouraged by the support of 410 Democratic officials from across the country representing 16 states. We believe this commitment is a testament to the worthiness and necessity of our cause,” said Rick Boucher, a member of CoalBlue’s Steering Committee.

Critical energy source

Current endeavours aimed at new energy technologies are inadequate with respect to coal, according to the project, negating the fuel’s potential as a critical power source. Moreover, the realities of domestic and global energy demand dictate coal will be a vital source of energy generation for decades.

Read CoalBlue's full letter to President Obama here.

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