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Why astute mining companies are recruiting now

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Russell Taylor.

The mining industry has been in a downturn for a while now and the signs are there that we have slightly bounced off the bottom. It has not been entirely all doom and gloom, as export coal shipments will see new records set this year, new export infrastructure has been commissioned and global mineral exports are predicted to constantly increase over the next decade. So now we should be focusing on the single most important resource all mining companies need: quality people.

The best resource, infrastructure and equipment all mean pretty much nothing, if we don't have enough quality people to manage, plan, operate and maintain it. So to re-position ourselves for the future markets of higher demand, yet lower prices and more competition, we need to recruit the best people to supplement the quality workforce we already work with. Here are five reasons why mining CEOs should be approving recruitment requisitions.

1. Abundant talent

Today's job market is an employers market. There are so many talented and experienced people actively looking for quality positions. The days of a skills shortage in the mining industry has gone. Companies can now recruit with confidence that they will recruit the best talent the world has to offer. It is a sure bet in an unsure world.

2. Realistic wages

Now that the mining boom is over – and therefore the skills/labour shortage – salary expectations will be realistic. During the downturn salary expectations are tempered to reflect the job market and in some cases the economy. There is now great value for money for your new recruits considering what value they could add to your business.

3. Plan for future growth

The global mineral demand will only increase as billions of people use and consume the minerals we mine, every single day. Companies will see growth and new projects will need to be developed. To do this you will need additional people. Why not start to employ key staff now and integrate them into the business.

4. Succession planning

Succession planning is not only important for the position of CEO. It is required for all positions including operators. As people retire, relocate and change companies, in most cases they will need to be replaced with people whom have similar skills and experience. Let's also remember the industry requirement to recruit graduates for our future sustainability. Recruiting now could keep your business efficiency sustainable.

5. Recruit before your competitors do

Companies that recruit at the last minute of the next growth phase, will be at a definite disadvantage. While you are seeking quality people, most of them will already be unavailable and off the market. Why - because they have accepted a position with a company that recruited, while the rest were waiting for the growth phase to appear.


There are signs of astute mining companies recruiting now, particularly key positions. Announcements of executive appointments and people adding new positions to their LinkedIn profiles are just two examples. Recruiting intelligently now, could put your company at a considerable advantage in the near future.

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About the author: Russell Taylor has over 20 yr of experience in the coal mining industry as a mining engineer, project director and mining executive. Most recently, he was Executive Vice President and Project Director at Reliance Coal Resources in India.

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