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ANSUL CHECKFIRE 210 for mining and off-road vehicles

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Tyco Fire Protection Products (TFPP) has introduced the ANSUL CHECKFIRE 210 electronic detection and actuation system for mining vehicles and non-road mobile equipment, reports the company.

CHECKFIRE alerts operators about potential fire hazards and actuates the fire suppression system if a fire occurs, helping protect vital assets, such as personnel and property operating in extreme environments. It offers versatile protection with colour-coded, plug-and-play connectors for easy installation and an isolate feature that enables continuous detection and protection from actuation during maintenance.

The system is also equipped with two independent detection circuits configurable for various options that enable CHECKFIRE 210 to fit specific hazards and machinery needs, including single-, two- and cross-zoned detection and discharge pressure feedback monitoring or alarm only. Dual-zone protection enables operators to set the system to monitor two independent zones, ensuring the system only activates when one zone is impacted by fire. Cross-zone protection is ideal for operators that need to monitor more than one zone simultaneously, causing actuation only when flames affect both zones.

"The customization and flexibility that CHECKFIRE 210 provides mining equipment operators, helps improve fire protection for individual operational needs," said Mark Neumann, director pre-engineered systems at TFPP. "The features and enhanced interface are intuitive, which provides ease of use, which is important when a fire situation arises and time is of the essence."

CHECKFIRE 210 also aligns with other ANSUL fire suppression systems, including:

  • The ANSUL LVS vehicle fire suppression system, which uses a wet chemical agent that provides both fire suppression and superior cooling of superheated surfaces, while blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen to help prevent reflash.
  • The A-101 fire suppression system that uses FORAY dry chemical agent for Class A, B and C fires.
  • The A-101/LVS twin-agent fire suppression system that combine both dry and wet agents.

"The CHECKFIRE 210 system will integrate seamlessly with current mining equipment, enabling our customers to further strengthen their fire suppression systems with this advanced detection and actuation technology," concluded Neumann.

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