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Special purpose drilling rigs for coalbed methane

World Coal,

Drillmec’s CBM Series of drilling rigs is purpose-built for coalbed methane (CBM) operations. The rigs and related equipment are designed to meet specific requirements of shallow and deeper wells.

The main features of the CBM Series are:

  • Footprint reduction.
  • Reduction of personnel.
  • No crane needed.
  • Customisable level of rig automation.
  • Wide range of pipe handling and pipe storage systems.
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic or cyber fully electronic control cabin.
  • Services integration (i.e. coring, casing running, data acquisition, including mud logging).


HH 55 - HH 75 - HH 102 

HH 55 - HH 75 - HH 102 are drilling rigs suitable for CBM exploration. The mast is telescopic and operates as a hydraulic hoist. The hydraulic top drive is permanently installed in its cradle and it does not need to be removed during transportation. Therefore, all the rigs can be easily assembled without the need to use a crane.

An auxiliary jib crane on the mast side facilitates the rig up and can pick up tubular and various equipment from the ground to the drill floor.

For the comfort of operators, Drillmec offers customisable control cabins upon request. These cabins have air conditioning and self-elevating systems, as well as a powered rotary table. 

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