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ExxonMobil launches Mobil Dynagear industry greases

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ExxonMobil has launched Mobil Dynagear series of high-performance industrial greases in Russia. Designed to help mining operators reduce unscheduled maintenance and improve the performance of open gear sets, the Mobil Dynagear series is the newest addition to ExxonMobil’s growing portfolio of Mobil-branded industrial and commercial vehicle lubricants. 

Mobil Dynagear series greases have been engineered to meet the needs of heavily loaded open gears applications such as draglines and electric shovels, which require exceptional extreme-pressure (EP)/anti-wear (AW) performance. Based on lithium-thickener technology, Mobil Dynagear series is formulated with high-performance additives and high-viscosity semi-synthetic base fluids to provide a lubricant film that firmly adheres to surfaces, protecting the equipment from dirt, dust, debris and water. As a result, Mobil Dynagear series can help to protect and extend equipment life, which significantly helps lengthen the time between new equipment purchases and reduces equipment maintenance costs.

Mobil Dynagear series greases do not contain asphalt. As a result, this helps to maintain clean spray nozzles and prevents root build up and flaking at low temperature, which can cause gear sets to misalign. The greases also enable simpler, potentially less expensive, clean-up of the gear teeth and guard, helping to reduce the amount of maintenance and inspection work on critical open-gear systems.

Designed to stay in place and adhere to the gear teeth, the Mobil Dynagear Series is able to absorb moderate amounts of water with little change to the lubricant film, providing long lasting lubrication and protection.

“Mining equipment is subjected to extremely heavy loads and operates in tough environments. Mine operators are continually looking for the best ways to increase productivity and reduce unscheduled downtime,” said Umut Urkun, industrial lubricants marketing advisor – Europe, Africa & Middle East, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants. “With its excellent low temperature performance and outstanding protection,the Mobil Dynagear series can offer minesite operators in Russia confidence that their equipment will be ready to perform even in the most extreme conditions while helping to minimize maintenance costs.” 

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