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Wireless TorqSense now features Bluetooth interface

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Sensor Technology Ltd develops a Bluetooth interface and Android app for its non-contact torque sensor: TorqSense.

TorqSense does not have to be physically connected to the shaft whose torque level is being measured. Instead, two small piezoelectric combs are glued onto the shaft and an adjacent radio transmitter/pickup monitors their distortion due to the shaft’s rotation, using radio frequency waves.

Sensor Technology’s new Bluetooth module brings wireless flexibility to torque measurement. In use, the module simply plugs into the TorqSense’s existing 15 way ‘D’ digital lead connector. As well as collecting the torque signal, the Bluetooth allows the transducer to be powered through the interface and also provides a USB output for connection to a PC, which allows a full version of the TorqView software to be used.

Having a Bluetooth enabled TorqSense transducer removes the need for cable runs from the sensing head to the receiver. This can make system lay out easier and even allow torque to be measured in real time, which in some situations was not possible before.

The new unit also allows monitoring of the torque signal on any device that has Bluetooth capabilities. The Android app enables real-time viewing of the current and peak values of torque, speed and temperature of a TorqSense reading via a standard mobile phone or tablet computer. This provides instant access to information without the need to set up a computer.

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