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BossTek launches latest dust suppression model

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BossTek has announced the debut of the DustBoss® DB-30 FusionTM. The new design is a versatile and transportable atomised mist unit, engineered with a workhorse electric motor and 30 KW generator. Permanently mounted on a rugged road-worthy trailer, the company’s Fusion lineup is proving to be a popular and effective means of delivering powerful dust suppression technology to sites that lack a convenient power source.

BossTek launches latest dust suppression model

Unlike its larger siblings, water is supplied to the DB-30 Fusion by a standard 5/8 in. (15.8 mm) garden hose, so it can be used at any location with a working hose bib. Equipped with an in-line 75 mesh, 200 micron filter, the unit can also be specified with special filtration to accommodate non-potable water sources.

With an adjustable throw angle from 0-50° of elevation and a range of approximately 30 meters (100 ft) in calm conditions, the standard configuration includes user-definable 359 degree oscillation, allowing the unit to cover as much as 31 000 ft 2 (2880 m 2) with a powerful dust-trapping mist. The new design can also be optimised with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to precisely adjust fan speed. An optional dosing pump is available for precise metering of additives to even further enhance particle control.

The extremely water-efficient design consumes just 2.5 gal/min. That’s compared to competing dust control methods such as manual spraying that can use hundreds of gallons per minute, resulting in over-saturation, run-off concerns and higher water costs.

A touchscreen panel for controlling the DB-30 Fusion is encased in a NEMA 3R cabinet, allowing operators to control oscillation, fan and water. The cabinet is constructed for outdoor use, designed to provide protection against solid foreign objects (such as dirt), air (dust, emissions), water (rain, sleet, snow) and ice formation.

Maintenance requirements for the new design are minimal, even though the unit carries an industry-leading 3-year/3000-hour warranty on the dust suppressor and a 2-year/2000-hour warranty on the gen set. If potable water is being used, nozzles typically need to be inspected just once per year. The turntable bearing on the oscillator should be greased annually or as needed for harsh service conditions and the fan motor should be lubricated every 10 000 hours. Like any diesel engine, the gen set should have regular inspections and changing of oil, coolant and filters.

“This design was developed in response to input from the marketplace, which indicated that some customers would benefit from a more compact design that’s well-suited to smaller projects or tight spaces,” said BossTek Sales Manager Mike Lewis. “The 7.5 HP electric motor generates 9200 CFM of air flow, and it uses the same industrial-strength construction as the larger models: a manifold with 30 specially-designed nozzles that atomise the water supply, creating droplets between 50 and 200 microns in size for maximum particle attraction.”

“We’re always developing new technologies, and we’re excited to introduce this new product design to serve our customers even better,” Lewis added. “It’s our customers, first and foremost, that drive our innovation and passion, and they will always remain our primary focus.”

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