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Coalbed methane water monitoring systems

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The Tendeka Guardian-ZoneWatch system is a multizone monitoring system that eliminates the need for drilling multiple test wells to assess aquifer levels. 

Operators drilling wells for coalbed methane (CBM) exploration and production will therefore want to pay close attention to these water monitoring systems.

The ZoneWatch system combines swellable packers for zonal isolation with Tendeka’s Guardian permanent electronic monitoring system to provide high resolution monitoring of aquifer pressures and temperatures. The retrievable swellable packers break the aquifer monitoring wellbore into multiple zones, thus allowing for independant measurements from regions within the aquifer for accurate monitoring of the aquifer. 

The electronic monitoring system consists of a series of dual redundancy down hole sensors used to measure, record and transmit pressure and temperature data to monitor for aquifer fluid pressures. 

The system includes quartz pressure sensors, which are mounted externally onto a port in the tubing wall just above a swellable elastomer, for measurement of tubing pressure and annulus temperature. A tubing encapsulated conductor (TEC), is attached to the gauge from the surface, and strapped to the tubing, which powers the gauge and transmits data back to the surface. A surface acquisition unit, which is capable of receiving, storing and forwarding the acquired data, completes the system. 

Features and benefits

  • Simple design with high accuracy pressure readings for accurate aquifer fluid monitoring.
  • Small tubing size (upscaleable for larger installations)
  • Multiple level monitoring in single wellbore.
  • Simple single string deployment with multiple level monitoring in single wellbore.
  • Fluid sampling possible from lowermost zone.
  • Retrievable system for gauge replacement or abandonment.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface enabling faster system calibration and configuration.


Whether a CBM operation’s primary focus is to prevent acquifer fluid losses, production surveillance, diagnostic downhole issues or designing production enhancements, Tendeka’s Guardian-ZoneWatch system enables operators to make informed decisions. 

The Guardian-ZoneWatch system can be easily retrieved upon abandonment of operations or for replacement of system components.

Adapted from press release by Sam Dodson

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