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New giant mobile harbour crane LHM 800

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Liebherr Maritime Cranes has introduced the new flagship mobile harbour crane to the market, the LHM 800. This new giant model is the mobile solution for ever growing vessel sizes and heavy industrial goods, taking container, bulk and general cargo handling to the next level.

The new LHM 800 represents a forward-looking extension at the head of Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane range. The dimensions and capabilities of the LHM 800 are unique, outperforming all existing mobile harbour crane models in the market. Liebherr’s newest addition to the portfolio meets growing customer requirements for larger cargo handling solutions in order to efficiently complete new and future tasks.

“The LHM 800 is a breakthrough for the mobile harbour crane sector, outperforming the existing maximum lifting capacity by nearly 50%. Also in terms of container and bulk handling, the LHM 800 is the new benchmark. We are optimistic that this new model will strengthen our market leading position,” says Matthias Mungenast, Sales Director for Liebherr mobile harbour cranes.

Like the complete Liebherr mobile harbour crane (LHM) range, the LHM 800 relies on the highly successful x-shaped undercarriage. The cruciform supporting system is unrivalled in terms of stability and operational safety. The wheelsets have been slightly adapted to ensure optimum load distribution of this new giant, which weighs approximately 745 t. Thanks to its rubber tyred undercarriage the crane is mobile and can be moved to where it is needed most.

Due to the modular LHM concept, customers may alternatively opt for a space-saving rail mounted portal, a fixed pedestal or a barge mounted solution.

In addition to the undercarriage, the worldwide-proven functional LHM design ensures that the LHM 800 is a valuable addition to the portfolio.

The new giant LHM provides a lifting capacity of 308 t, exceeding the maximum capacity of the so far strongest mobile harbour crane, type LHM 600, by not less than 100 t. Thus, the LHM 800 really raises the bar and opens up new fields of application. As industrial goods are getting bigger and heavier, the new crane is a forward-looking solution for ports worldwide.

In addition to single lifts, the new LHM 800 is also designed for tandem lifts. With Liebherr’s tandem operation tool Sycratronic® activated, synchronised movement is guaranteed and one crane driver can simultaneously operate both cranes for improved speed, capacity and safety. In tandem operation with a second LHM 800 the maximum lifting capacity is 616 t.

In container handling configuration the fulcrum point is above 36 metres which eases the handling of bigger vessels. Thanks to its mighty outreach of 64 metres, the LHM 800 is able to efficiently service large container vessels which are as wide as 22 container rows. Generally, Liebherr cranes are well recognised for their outstanding working speed. The LHM 800 continues this tradition by hoisting and lowering containers with 120 metres per minute. This allows for 38 boxes per hour in standard configuration and even 45 boxes per hour if the crane is equipped with Liebherr’s hybrid power booster Pactronic®.

Bulk handling is an easy task for the LHM 800. Equipped with Pactronic® hybrid drive the giant masters up to 2300 t per hour which is an absolute record in the mobile harbour crane world. The new crane can also be fitted with SmartGrip®, Liebherr’s self-learning technology for optimised grab filling rates, which was introduced to the market in 2014.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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