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Deswik launch new software tool: Deswik.DD

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Deswik launches a new sectional design and analysis tool: Deswik.DD to its suite of integrated software tools for mining engineering, operations planning and mining data management. It is for design, optimisation and communication for dragline or dozer push operations and has 3d-DigPlus.

The software enables engineers to analyse and refine dragline and dozer push designs, in turn reducing operating costs and maximising value.

It enables time savings of up to 80% in overall planning time and this can then be used in scenario analysis to find the most efficient operating plan. Time savings can also be seen in integration with upstream design and reserving tools, downstream scheduling tools and 3d-DigPlus – the leading material movement simulation package from earth Technology.

Ian Neilsen, Senior Consultant, Dragline Engineer, and one of the team behind Deswik.DD explained: "We are really excited about the release of this new Deswik tool. Sectional analysis is an engineering discipline that has seen little improvement in 15 years and yet is a key link in the planning of many mines around the world. In developing Deswik.DD, we have been able to kick a number of significant goals already through:

  • Delivering automation of section operations both along strike and down dip, in addition to manual operations.
  • Eliminating cumbersome spreadsheeting and manual transcription of results.
  • Integrating with 3d-DigPlus. Simulation with 3d-DigPlus is a key part of best practice engineering design, so providing a seamless user experience here is a big plus.
  • Integrating with production scheduling so the impacts of design updates are understood immediately.

Now that the boom times are over, we are seeing a resurgent emphasis on a fundamental approach to improving mine operations and have built this tool with optimisation as a clear focus."

Edited from press release by Harleigh Hobbs

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