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ADE continue to develop to help the mining industry cost save

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Queensland’s mining equipment, technology and services providers (METS) are at the forefront of mining innovation with the support of the Queensland government’s recent AUS$2.7 million investment.

Brisbane company, Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE), are using the current mining downturn as an opportunity to develop innovative products that improve efficiencies and reduce costs, saving millions in dollars and resources for those in the mining and earthmoving industries.

Clive Gray, General Manager and Director of ADE said during this mining decline, more sustainable business changes can be adopted that offer long term benefits.

“Many find it difficult to justify investments in new technology for profitable and stable operations but often complex and difficult operational issues in mining, can be tackled and solved with innovative solutions,” Gray said. “Our products have been proven to provide a long-term return on investment both financially and environmentally, like our ADE Spray system. It is the world’s only measurable water spray system that can deliver consistent, measurable water coverage for managing dusty haul roads.”

“For sites where water typically costs $2000 per mega litre, the ADE Spray could save the environment 4 million litres of water per day, or 1.5 billion per year, across a fleet of five trucks operating 18 hours per day. Over the course of a year, companies can expect to save around $2.9 million in water costs alone.”

ADE’s uniquely designed products have helped positively impact the bottom line of many companies and have enabled ADE to remain competitive in an unsettled industry and market.

Gray said the adoption of innovative products to current work procedures is paramount in order to tackle one of the key challenges faced by mining operators in the industry – operational stability.

“The most effective way to ensure operational stability is to reduce the variability in operational processes, which can be achieved by implementing out-of-the box initiatives but the slow adoption, and willing uptake of these continues to be the downfall of companies looking to solve operational concerns,” he said.

“Those in the industry need to rethink how equipment and technology are used; from automation to data analytics and processing, companies that integrate innovative solutions to their current processes will see enhancements in safety, lower costs and increased productivity.”

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