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Time to frack with FracRight hydraulic fracturing system

World Coal,

Tendeka has launched its FracRightTM hydraulic fracturing system for unconventional gas reservoirs. The system features real-time frack monitoring analysis and can be used in coalbed methane (CBM) applications, among others.

Integrated with Tendeka’s real-time DTS monitoring and QuestTM software suite, the FracRight system – described by the company as a “complete heel-to-toe hydraulic fracturing system” – enables the collection and analysis of stimulation data in unconventional reservoirs.

The system is a fully integrated frack sleeve solution for selective multi-zone stimulation in open hole or cased hole applications. It enables the installation of multiple sleeves for each stage to be fractured, optimising stimulation efficiency and production. The sleeves are shifted open by pumping a ball from surface allowing for subsequent stimulation of the selected stage either from a single sleeve or a cluster of sleeves.

The system can also be integrated with Tendeka’s real-time distributed fibre-optic stimulation monitoring service to provide more effective evaluation and management of multi-zone completions. The system gathers the information required to measure, model and optimise the stimulation treatment and subsequent flow back and production profile.

Some of the applications for the FracRight system include:

  • Open hole fracturing.
  • Unconventional fracturing.
  • Cement replacement and protection.
  • Annular barrier for inflow control devices (ICDs).
  • Side track window sealing.
  • Annular barrier for sand screens.
  • Gravel packing.
  • Expandables – screens and tubulars.
  • Coal bed methane (CBM) wells.


The drive to produce hydrocarbons from layered formations, such as laminated shales and interbedded lithologies, as well as CBM, has led to a sharp rise in the number of wells requiring multi-level hydraulic stimulation.

Ken Miller, Tendeka’s vice president of North and South America, said: “Our experience and track record in the US frac market has led to the development of the FracRight stimulation monitoring system, which will enhance fracture performance and efficiency.”


“Capturing the real-time data from the FracRight system allows our clients to verify isolation integrity, analyse the individual characteristics of each production interval and make critical adjustments in the frack operation. The result, completion operations are optimised, while minimising costs and mitigating risk,” Miller continued.

“The system can also be used in conjunction with Tendeka’s QuestT software suite for the analysis and presentation of the stimulation and production data,” Miller said.

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