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Eltra analyzer for organic sample materials

World Coal,

Eltra’s CHS-580 analyzer is used to determine carbon, sulfur and hydrogen concentrations in organic sample materials such as fuels, oil, chemicals, soil or cement.

The instrument is equipped with a ceramic furnace with a maximum temperature of 1550 °C. It allows direct elemental analysis of solid or liquid samples without elaborate sample preparation. The typical analysis time is between 1 - 3 minutes.

Hydrogen content

While conventional combustion analyzers only determine carbon and sulfur, ELTRA’s CHS-580 is also able to measure the hydrogen content. This is a unique advantage of the analyzer, particularly when analyzing fuels or chemicals. The standard delivery scope of the CHS-580 includes golden infrared cells, so that even more aggressive reaction gases can be processed, for example for the analysis of acidulated soils.

Elements can be analyzed in any possible combination, offering greater flexibility. The measuring range can be adapted to individual requirements by variation of the infrared cells. The CHS-580 provides reliable analysis results for element concentrations from the ppm range to 100%.


  • Simultaneous analysis of carbon, sulfur and hydrogen possible
  • Individual measuring ranges for C and S from the ppm range to 100%
  • Very short analysis time
  • High sample weight >250 mg
  • Infrared cells of massive gold
  • Automated sample loading (option)
  • Robust design

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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