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Longer wear life with OptimumWire screen media

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OptimumWire woven wire screen media from Major Wire Industries provides up to 40% longer wear life when compared to traditional woven wire of the same diameter, according to the company.

OptimumWire is manufactured with a high carbon and high manganese content, providing more resistance to abrasion and better performance for mining operations worldwide. Its high ductility, hardness and tensile strength make it less susceptible to breaking in high impact conditions and with highly abrasive materials, so it lasts longer and minimises labour, maintenance and lost production costs. Many operations using OptimumWire can also increase open area by choosing one smaller wire diameter size to maximise material throughput without sacrificing wear life.

OptimumWire is manufactured with the industry’s most stringent wire opening tolerance of plus or minus 3%, so producers can achieve precise material passing for the screen’s entire life. Each screen is woven with an extremely tight tolerance to any type of movement within the crimp or weave, which prevents the wires from rubbing against each other during use. On larger wire diameters, it is manufactured from true hard-drawn wire, which is consistent throughout, providing proper crimping and weaving, as well as increased durability.

OptimumWire is available in a variety of crimp styles, including Double-Weave for high-impact loads and larger feed sizes, HyperSlot, and square and slotted wire. Wire diameters range from .047 in. (1.2 mm) to .750 in. (19 mm) with openings from .125 in. (3.18 mm) to 6 in. (152 mm).

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