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RungePincockMinarco releases HAULSIM 1.2

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RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has launched the latest version of its haulage and loading simulation software, HAULSIM. This update now includes integration with RPM’s commodity based scheduling solutions, enhancements to the 3D user interface and a raft of new features requested by clients.

Commenting on the launch, RPM’s Product Manager – Simulation, Adam Price, said “HAULSIM has been a game changer for the industry. HAULSIM replaces legacy simulation tools that were very basic and simply looked at theoretical travel time for a single piece of equipment between two points. They did a calculation, not a simulation.”

“We have had such a positive response to HAULSIM since its initial release that we continue to invest in new features and functionality. This latest release has really been about extending the functionality of the product, while ensuring that it remains simple to use. Our existing clients are telling us that they are seeing returns on their software investment within days of installing it. The ability to explore options, test theories and get it right before making any capital investment within the mine, is an immediate cost saver.”

Referring to the benefits of HAULSIM Price continued: “Because of the visual nature of our simulations and constant feedback from dashboards about what is happening in the model, users develop a deeper understanding. It is far removed from the “black box” approach of some techniques. With our improved user interface, we aim to make the product as intuitive as possible and keep training requirements to a minimum. Operations can now be accurately modelled in a day, delivering immediate value.”

HAULSIM 1.2 also comes with on-demand travel time, improvements to road rules management and complete support for the simulation of conveyors and ancillary equipment.

“With every release, we build in broader capability. One-way roads and no-through roads are just some of the updates to the road rules within HAULSIM 1.2,” Price explained. “We now also cater for many types of ancillary equipment such as graders, water trucks and light vehicles. On-demand travel time is new and really exciting. It allows for live calculation of travel time, delivering results faster and with even greater accuracy”

The latest release also now has the ability to simulate in pit crushing and conveying systems within a mine. This allows mines to quickly and easily simulate different options to move material across their operations and make the right decision before any capital has been spent

In keeping with RPM’s broader software strategy, HAULSIM is now integrated with RPM’s commodity based scheduling solutions: “Integration with our scheduling solutions is a fantastic addition that allows for scheduling data to be utilised by HAULSIM at any point in time, including the haulage network and equipment configurations,” said Price. “The complex haulage component associated with the schedule can then be analysed in a new way and assumptions tested to ensure the plan can be executed. This provides planners with the ability to demonstrate the success of the schedule and deliver far better mine plans.

These updates and a range other performance enhancements are available to existing HAULSIM clients now.

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