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Martin announces new Power Generation Solutions group

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Martin Engineering has announced the formation of a new global business unit focusing on the powerhouse and products designed to clean the boiler and all air pollution control components, SCR reactors, heat exchangers, economizers, baghouses, ductwork, IR fans and electrostatic precipitators.

“Virtually all large-scale boilers have pollution control devices,” explained Martin’s Managing Director, Mark Stern. “The components need to be relatively clean for the units to function properly, but they all collect deposits over time. It’s been demonstrated that ash buildup can cost some facilities more than a million dollars per year in reduced thermal efficiency, maintenance, system downtime and replacement catalyst.”

In addition to the power industry, the new business unit will target a number of applications, including biomass, pulp and paper, cement manufacturing and other industrial operations that use large-scale boilers. The new Power Generation Solutions group is structured around a series of technologies that work in tandem to reduce ash build-up, boosting system throughput, regulatory compliance and energy efficiency. It will also bring together experts in cleaning technology for power generation stakeholders, to deliver solutions that improve process control and increase profit.

Martin Engineering has also partnered with SCR-Tech, a provider of SCR catalyst management and regeneration technologies. With the firm’s knowledge of coal-fired boilers – from burners to stack – and its patented catalyst regeneration process, customers benefit from engineered solutions that deliver significant savings in operating and capital costs. SCR-Tech is the only American-owned and -operated catalyst management and regeneration company in the world.

In addition to marketing existing Martin Engineering products, such as sonic horns and ash sweepers, the new business unit will develop new products engineered specifically for power generation applications. These include such designs as the company’s Martin® Mega 75 Acoustic Cleaner, which has demonstrated superior particle displacement over conventional sonic horn designs. More than 1000 units were sold in its first year of availability. The firm will also focus on products to further increase worker efficiency and safety, such as high temperature access doors, which combine outstanding sealing performance with quick removal, yet can withstand temperatures up to 1000°F (538°C).

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