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Climate activists target Indonesian power plant

World Coal,

Environmental activists from Greenpeace Indnonesia have stopped operations of two grab-type ship unloaders at the Cirebon coal-fired power plants in Indonesia, blocking the supply of coal to the plant. The protest was part of a wave of recent actions, which included a “mass trespass event” at a German lignite mine owned by Vatenfall.

The Cirebon plant in West Java is to be expanded as part of the Indonesian government’s plans to add 35 GW of power generation capacity over the next five years. Of that, about 60% is expected to come from coal-fired plants, while 20% will come from renewable energy sources.

The actions at Cirebon followed a mass protect against Indonesia’s increased use of coal in Jakarta on 11 May and formed part of the so-called ‘Break Free’ movement that demands government keep fossil fuels in the ground.

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