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ION Engineering completes pilot scale testing of carbon capture technology

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A leading carbon capture technology company, ION Engineering, has successfully completed the first pilot scale testing of its proprietary solvent and process technology for the removal of carbon dioxide from large point sources, including coal-fired power plants.

The testing involved approximately 1200 hr of continuous testing at the 0.6 MWe Pilot Solvent Test Unit, located at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC), a state-of the-art test centre owned by Southern Co. and funded by DOE Office of Fossil Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, in Wilsonville, Alabama.

It is reported that throughout testing, ION captured over 99% of the incoming CO2 from the coal-fired facility’s flue gas, while sustaining stable process operation and accomplishing project objectives.

“We are delighted with the overwhelming success of our first pilot testing at an operating coal-fired power plant,” commented Alfred (Buz) Brown, PhD, ION’s Founder, CEO and Chairman. “ION was founded to dramatically improve the technology available for removal of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment and we are making tremendous progress in that endeavour. We are working to define the future of carbon capture as a cost-effective solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Through this project, ION has developed process modelling capabilities to further predict how its technology will perform under different process and operating conditions. It is reported that one of the most important outcomes of the testing at NCCC was validation of the process model. Model validation provides ION the ability to accurately predict how the company’s technology will perform at other facilities in the future.

The company intends to start the next phase of project testing in mid-2016. It will test its solvent and technology process at the next scale, moving from a 0.6 MWe facility to the >10 MWe scale at an existing international test facility. This testing is projected to be carried out until the end of 2016.

A full analysis and report will be completed in early 2016.

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