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Australia should upgrade interstate electricity connector to send QLD power to southern states

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The State and Federal Governments should resolve their differences on the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) by taking action to upgrade the interstate electricity connector sending Queensland’s surplus power to the southern states.

Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said Queensland was the ideal case study on how to deliver power affordability, reliability and emissions reductions under the NEG.

“The Federal Government wants to have a ‘NEG-plus’ plan, which is the National Energy Guarantee plus a range of other actions to bring down prices and increase supply,” Macfarlane said.

He continued: “A big plus for the entire East Coast would be an upgrade to the electricity interconnector between Queensland and New South Wales.

“Queensland already keeps the lights on in New South Wales and Victoria through the export of our surplus coal-fired electricity. An upgraded interconnector would mean we can sell more electricity, guaranteeing those Australians with the misfortune of not living in Queensland – a more stable power supply.

“For Queensland, it would send the signal to keep developing electricity generation, which will be primarily renewables due to the cost of gas, as well as maintaining a young coal-fired power generation fleet. This could include a new coal-fired power station using HELE technologies.

“For Queenslanders, it will mean more revenue that the Palaszczuk Government can reinvest in services and infrastructure. Those using Maroon power will be paying us for it.

“Queensland is also delivering on the other extras that go hand-in-hand with the NEG, including the sustainable development of our gas resources.

“Queensland has energy security. We have coal to provide baseload power. We supply gas to the domestic market, and more is coming online. And we have a massive expansion of renewables.

“While Queensland benefits from our full energy mix, the southern states are, quite frankly, energy mixed up. They’re closing coal-fired power stations. They’re not developing gas. It’s harder, not easier, to develop renewables.

“To deliver on ‘NEG-plus’ other states must follow Queensland’s lead. That means both the Federal and State Governments should resolve their differences and deliver on the NEG.”

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