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Partnership provides combustion optimization products

World Coal,

Siemens Energy and Zolo Technologies have built on their previous relationship to sign a global license agreement for fossil-fuelled steam generation boiler applications. Under the new agreement, Siemens and Zolo will more closely integrate their combustion optimization produces and extend their market activities into the US, China and Asia.

Zolo Technologies has developed ZoloBOSSTM, a unique laser-based combustion monitoring system that Siemens has integrated into its SPPA-P3000 Process Optimization solution for fossil-fuelled steam generating power plants. ZoloBOSS uses sophisticated laser technology to simultaneously measure multiple combustion constituents directly in the combustion zone of a boiler.

Reduce emissions
The full integration of the ZoloBOSS monitoring system and SPPA-P3000 provides fossil-fuelled power plants with information and furnace control previously unattainable. This unique solution is the only combustion optimizer solution that uses real-time, in-furnace combustion information to automatically balance and optimize combustion. Consequently, it can improve combustion efficiency, reduce NOx and CO2 emissions and improve availability and thermal performance.

Optimizing the combustion process in a power plant is challenging with variability in fuel quality and loads. SPPA-P3000 is a software-oriented approach by Siemens and can be implemented during minor outages and without costly capital modifications to the plant (i.e. without major conversions to the steam generator and turbine). Plant operators worldwide are using the strong capabilities of SPPA-P3000 to optimize their power plant process towards changing market situations or requirements.

“We are happy to extend our successful collaboration with Zolo Technologies. By combining both Siemens and Zolo Technologies our customers will benefit from improved efficiency, reduced emissions and higher availability as well as from a huge savings potential for their power plants,” commented Dieter Fluck, Vice President Product Management Instrumentation & Electrical at Siemens Energy.

Zolo Technologies CEO added: “Siemens has a strong global presence in the power market. We are excited to expand our collaboration with Siemens into new geographic markets and expect this new agreement will accelerate the penetration of the SPPA-P3000 and ZoloBOSS solution into the marketplace”.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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