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Helping mining OEMs reduce costs and improve service

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Derek Mack, Tsubakimoto UK Ltd

Tsubakimoto Europe is helping mining equipment OEMs respond to mining company demands for increased reliability and improved after-sales service, highlighting the capability, affordability and availability throughout Europe of its chain and power transmission products for mining applications.

With mining companies throughout Europe and around the globe relying on OEMs for strategic parts and equipment, a recent survey identified the pressures that OEMs are under to meet the service levels expected of them, while also remaining cost competitive.

Tsubakimoto Europe is helping OEMs to address these requirements on two fronts with its extensive range of chain products.

First is to provide products that deliver inherent reliability, helping OEMs deliver mining equipment that reduces downtime and increases productivity. High-quality materials and precision manufacture minimise wear and ensure long life, even in the most demanding mining applications. Further, Tsubakimoto Europe works closely with OEMs to ensure that they are able to develop competitive products.

Second is to assure prompt and reliable availability of spare parts through a global network of production locations, sales outlets and alliance partners. This network means assured and prompt product distribution, meeting the needs of both OEMs and their end users. Being a leading global manufacturer of chain, one way clutches and linear actuators, Tsubaki can deliver full back-up and rapid response to customers’ local needs, wherever they are.

The Tsubaki Group includes 46 production locations and 63 sales offices and many more alliance partners worldwide. Together they can deliver across a wide platform of applications designed for use in underground mines, surface mines, preparation plants, power stations and port facility applications. The company works closely with mining equipment OEMs to develop many different sizes of mining chains to meet the industry’s most demanding requirements.

The complete range of Tsubaki chains for mining applications includes shuttle car chain, feeder breaker chain, and various chains widely used in drill rigs, rotary breakers, reclaimers, face/roof drilling equipment, continuous miners, preparation plants, roof support machines and continuous haulage systems.

For opencast mining, Tsubaki offers a wide variety of tried and tested heavy-duty roller chains, conveyor chains and reclaimer chains, along with engineering class sprockets, back stops, electric actuators and protection devices.

For underground mining, Tsubaki offers robust and reliable chain and sprocket solutions, designed for applications where extreme environment shock loads are high and where any chain or sprocket failure could mean hours of costly downtime. These high performance chains have been designed to enable OEM equipment to provide efficient and reliable extraction.

Tsubaki complements its chain products with wide ranges of sprockets, working smoothly with the chains to deliver reliable and consistent operation in mining applications. Additionally, because mining and conveying to coal preparation facilities or stock pilereclaim pads go hand in hand, Tsubaki also provides OEMs with a comprehensive range of one way clutches.

Finally, when a standard product can’t quite meet an OEM’s specific requirements, Tsubaki is able to answer the most demanding needs of mining equipment OEMs through innovative customisation of products, while still assuring reliable availability of spare parts to OEMs and their end users.

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