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Mining shovel hydraulic fluid filtration: a case study

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One Eye Industries (OEI) provide a case study in hydraulic fluid filtration for a Komatsu 5500 shovel.


Kidney Loop filtration on Komatsu 5500 shovel operating with 4500 psi hydraulic systems.


Dirty hydraulic fluid with an ISO of 25/24/16. Traditional filtration was unable to meet a minimum ISO standard of 18/16/13 with a limited kidney loop filtration interval of three hours.


Mark Robillard of Kingland Ford Mining Division suggested employing the OEI high-flow magnetic filtration skid. OEI guaranteed an ISO of 18/16/13 or lower.

Figure 1. OEI magnetic filtration skid.


On its trial run, fluid samples were taken before and after the unit and sent to three independent labs. Common results showed that not only had OEI met the anticipated standards but exceeded them ,retaining a cleanliness level of 17/14/10.The analysed contamination on the magnetic filter rods identified ferrous (88%) and non-ferrous (12% mainly consisting of carbon and calcium) contaminants ranging from 100+ microns to sub-micron in size.

Figure 2. Contaminants ranged from 100+ microns to sub-micron size.

The diamond mine maintenance manager is very pleased with the results and is incorporating other OEI filtration solutions.


Due to the fact that hydraulic systems operate at <1 micron tolerances, the anticipated life on maintained equipment will be significantly increased.

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