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Brookville expands mining portfolio

World Coal,

Brookville Equipment Corporation expanded its mining portfolio in 2013, offering custom haulage and transportation solutions for mining customers in the US and abroad. This included the production of its largest underground mining locomotive since the company was founded in 1918.

Underground mining locomotive
Designed to be operated on a dedicated haulage loop in a copper mine, the underground mining locomotives weigh 50 t and feature a 335-horespower diesel engine, car brakes and remote control capabilities. The units will operate in tandem, with the lead locomotive remotely controlling the trailing unit on a dedicated radio frequency, allowing the two units to work together without interference.

The size and power of the locomotives, combined with the remote communication system, will provide the necessary means to control 1100 t of ore cars. A power gearing setup will prevent the locomotives, which operate on standard 56.5-inch track gauge in Mexico, from exceeding 12 mph, allowing for the highest adhesion and maximum tractive effort while in operation.

Battery locomotive
Additionally, last year Brookville worked with Costa Rica’s Grupo ICE to introduce a newly-designed 23.5 t battery locomotive ideal for operation in warm, moist environments. The locomotives feature an enclosed, air-conditioned cab, air brakes, a separate cooling package for the electronic drive system and 75-horsepower drive motors.

These locomotives will be used for the construction and operation of the Cachi Dam expansion, which will provide additional capacity to Costa Rica’s Cachi hydroelectric power plant. The Cachi power plant is responsible for providing power to 330 000 Costa Rican citizens.

Aboveground applications
The company also witnessed a growth in aboveground applications in 2013, with the production of two 20 t diesel yard locomotives for two separate US underground mining customers. The units feature a 170-horsepower engine and feature optional remote control functionality, eliminating the need for a spotter and second worker for common daily tasks such as car coupling.

Michael White, marketing manager and mining sales specialist, commented: “In addition to supporting customers with the delivery of low-height locomotives, personnel carriers and specialty vehicles, Brookville was fortunate to be able expand its custom portfolio to meet the needs of global customers with unique vehicles for custom mining applications. In 2014, we look forward to continuing to allow our customers’ needs to drive our innovations as we evolve our products across the board to meet any and all industry needs.”

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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