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MAC supports introduction of carbon price

World Coal,

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and its members have declared their support for a carbon price to address climate change, calling it “the most effective and efficient means of driving emissions reductions.”

“Today, one of Canada’s largest industries is coming out in support of a carbon price,” Pierre Grafton, President and CEO of the MAC said in a statement. “MAC’s support of a carbon price is guided by our principles for climate change policy design and it based on 16 years of our members continuous efforts to reduce emissions through technology and innovation and become more energy efficient.”

The MAC has also released a series of principles to inform the design of a carbon price regime. These state that a carbon price regime should be revenue neutral, should address competitiveness and carbon leakage concerns and recognise early action from companies and provinces that have already established climate change mitigation strategies.

Total greenhouse gas emissions from the Canadian mining industry make up about 1.1% of the country’s direct and indirect emissions, although this does not include coal and oil sands mining for data is not available.

“The Canadian mining industry’s efforts over the past two decades in reducing emissions and protecting the environment has been significant, underscoring the industry’s commitment to being part of the solution,” said Gratton. Fighting climate change and meeting emissions targets will require a concerted global effort, and MAC and its members are determined to be constructive partners,"

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