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Mining company impressed by Voith fluid couplings

World Coal,

The Indonesian mining company Bukit Asam is to expand its operations at Tanjung Enim coal mine in Sumatra, Indonesia. For ten new belt conveyors at the mine, the company will deploy 14 TVVS fluid couplings from 55 KW - 315 KW. In the past, the mine operator has always been pleased with the reliability of its already installed Voith fluid couplings, which ensure smooth start-ups day after day and a long service life for all components.

“We’re all very impressed with the performance of the TVVS constant-fill fluid couplings. They’re very easy to maintain - only oil changes are needed - and the reliability is just great,” commented Kris Tjahajaning Tyas, Manager of Maintenance Planning at Bukit Asam.

No unplanned downtime

The mine operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and any equipment downtime results in loss of production. In older sections of the mine the company has been using TVVS on belt conveyors since 1997 and has yet to experience without any unplanned downtime. “Proven reliability is why we absolutely wanted to have Voith fluid couplings in the new conveyor drives as well,” added Tatra Muis, Senior Manager of Maintenance at Bukit Asam.

The Voith fluid couplings are well suited for use in extreme environments and are completely insensitive to harsh conditions such as dust, dirt and humidity. The fine coal dust in the Tanjung Enim mine has no effect on performance. The couplings dampen torsional vibrations in the driveline and protect it against overload, extending the lifetime of the entire system. Due to torque being transmitted by a fluid, the power transmission of the fluid couplings is wear-free, reducing maintenance to a minimum.

The company is happy with the benefits that the fluid couplings provide, and appreciates both the useful advice and after-sales support from the local Voith team, as well as the unmatched know-how on the entire drive system.

Belt conveyors

The 13 existing belt conveyors in the Tanjung Enim coal mine still rely on TVVS fluid couplings that were installed over 17 years ago. The mine has two coal handling facilities, with the longest belt conveyor measuring 4284 m in length and a capacity of 1700 tph. The drive of this conveyor is equipped with three 315 KW motors and three 750 TVVS fluid couplings. In addition to the conveyor drives, the bucket wheel excavator drives in the Tanjung Enim mine are equipped with five 750 KW fluid couplings, Type T, that dampen vibrations and protect the driveline from damage also in case of frequently occurring overload.

The Tanjung Enim coal mine is one of the largest reserves in Asia. The mine has been in operation for over 90 years, and in 2012, it produced nearly 15.5 million t of coal.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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