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October 2008

On this month's cover: The McLanahan Dual Drag Feeder and Model-HC Super Triple Roll Crusher in this truck dump station at Arch Coal’s Black Thunder Mine in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming help to make Black Thunder one of the highest producing coal mines in the world. A second system is currently under construction and set to come online this year.

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Editorial comment

Coal News
Coal News

Canada Consolidates
Backed by its financial prudence, Canada is weathering the storm caused by the current international financial turmoil. Barry Baxter reports on some of the current issues.

Chasing Asia
High world coal prices and strong demand from the steel sector are prompting further expansion by Canada’s leading suppliers. Michael King reports on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the Canadian coal industry as it seeks to boost production and access new export markets

Canadian Coal
Dr Wolfgang Ritschel, Association of Coal Importers, Germany, and Dr Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer, RWE AG, Germany, provide an overview of the Canadian coal mining industry.

A Picture of Emissions Trading
Running from 2008 to the end of 2012, the Kyoto Protocol’s first trading phase has officially begun. The trade in different types of emissions credits is building, opening further opportunities for carbon revenue for energy projects. Candida Jones reports for World Coal on the emissions market in the first half of 2008.

Reconstructing, Repairing and Retreading Giant Tyres
Chauncey Krahenbill, Global Tyres Ltd, US, discusses the cost and production advantages that can come from retreading the tyres of big trucks.

Overland Conveyor Applications
With even the most cautious analysts predicting a strong raw materials market in coming years, improvements in the reliability and sophistication of overland conveyors look set to continue. Tom Cross, David Brown Gear Industries (DBGI) illustrates this with a look at specialist conveyor drives.

Customised Innovation
Javier Saura, Capotex, Spain, explains how a customised, project-orientated approach to covering a conveyor can allow a company to develop unique solutions that meet project specifications exactly.

Conveying Conveyors
Boris Böhm, Maats Pipeline Equipment, the Netherlands, provides an insight into relocating conveyor belt systems in opencast mines.

Eco-Friendly Conveyor Belts
Bernd Küsel, Phoenix Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH, Germany, considers the environmental advantages of using conveyor belts to transport materials.

Product News
Product News

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