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November 2015

The November issue focuses on dragline maintenance, longwall roadway developments, size reduction equipment and conveyor safety and maintenance. The issue also features a regional report on China, as well as an industry view on Britain’s war on coal.

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Coal News

Industry View: Britain’s War On Coal
Tony Lodge, Centre for Policy Studies, UK.

China’s Coal Slide
Ng Weng Hoong provides an outlook on China and details how falling energy demand, a slowing economy and green imperatives have contributed to coal’s slide.

Keeping Draglines Digging
A large dragline is a unique machine with a unique set of challenges. Jason R. Scott and Hannah M. Zilm, Caterpillar Global Mining, USA, explain how regimenting a documented inspection programme can help to overcome challenges, such as maintaining or increasing production, while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Dragline Maintenance Developments
Ryan Sharp and Arnold Williams, BMT WBM, a subsidiary of BMT Group, Australia take a closer look at draglines and consider the current maintenance challenges, highlighting how technological innovations can help optimise and, in some cases, reduce maintenance and inspection workloads.

On The Longwall Road
Matthias Pankert, Eickhoff Mining Technology, Germany, details the company’s continuous miners’ advanced technologies for longwall roadway development.

Talking About The Revolution
Alf Malmgren, BioC Ltd, UK, discusses the milling of biomass in coal mills.

Making The Right Choice
Matthew Richardson and Keith Patterson, TerraSource Global, USA, explore factors to consider when choosing size reduction equipment.

Taking Control
Jerad Heitzler, Martin Engineering, USA, walks through some of the fugitive material control mechanisms of modern transfer points and the problems they address, and provides a short explanation on how they work.

Getting Back On Track
Ryan Grevenstuk, Flexco, USA, outlines common belt conveyor fixes: how to spot them, identify their causes and repair them quickly in order to get operations up and running.

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