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May 2009

On this month's cover: Ideal for primary or secondary crushing, Pennsylvania Crusher’s Mountaineer Sizer uses two synchronised rolls for consistent sizing of coal, rock, sticky clays and non-metallic minerals. Its application-specifi c roll confi gurations, compact design, low power requirements and maintenance friendly access points make the Mountaineer Sizer the new standard in sizing.

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Guest Comment
Guest Comment

Coal News
Coal News

Rough Times Looming
Gordon Cope asks if the Canadian coal industry is going down the chute.

Battling Against the Odds
Michael King discusses supply, demand and pricing in the Canadian coal industry.

CBM Review
World Coal presents its annual CBM Review.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Nathan Steeghs, EcoSecurities, UK, explains how embracing evolution in CBM explotation and coal preparation techniques can help the coal mining industry to manage the physical and regulatory implications of climate change.

Meeting Expectations?
Karl H. Schultz, Green Gas International, B.V., assesses the role of the carbon credit market in developing the coal mine methane (CMM) industry.

Turning Methane into Money
Gerhard Pirker, GE Energy Jenbacher Gas Enginers, Austria, discusses reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Australian coal mines.

Holding Back the Tide
Scott Ellenbecker for Atlas Copco, US, provides a case study detailing the successful drilling of an aquifer.

Monetising Corporate Carbon
Stephen Mooney, Carbonetworks, UK, explains how corporate carbon can represent a financial asset rather than a compliance headache.

Crushing and Breaking
Charles S. Fleishman, Pennsylvania Crusher Corp., US, discusses some of the technology currently available for crushing coal.

Hamburg Review
Bengt van Beuningen, Port of Hamburg, Germany, reviews the port's 2008 results.

Québec Review
Ross Gaudreault, Québec Port Authority, Canada, reviews the port's current performance and plans for the future.

A Window into Mining Operations
Simon Curran, Inmarsat, UK, explains how advances in satellite communications have ushered in a raft of new capabilities for transforming coal mining operations in some of the remotest parts of the world.

Product News
Product News

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