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June 2014

In this month’s issue of World Coal, the regional report focuses on Australia, where Anthony Fensom reports on the country’s coal industry. The June issue features a keynote article from the Boston Consulting Group, in collaboration with JSW Group, which discusses the implementation of Mine Operations Systems Transformation strategies at a Polish coal mine. The June issue also features articles on underground mine automation, mobile conveyors, recruitment & retention, preparation plant operations, as well as three general interest articles. The Industry View, from Gregory Boyce, CEO of Peabody Energy, explains that coal-industry professionals must work with allies across all sectors, and with multinational, non-governmental organisations and governments all over the world, to develop solutions that will end the crisis of energy poverty.

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Coal News

Industry View: Changing The Fate Of 3.5 Billion
Gregory Boyce, CEO, Peabody Energy.

Getting The MOST Out Of Mining Operations
Konrad von Szczepanski, Kenneth Payne, Ross Middleton, Oktawian Zajac and Dale Schilling, The Boston Consulting Group, and Jerzy Borecki, JSW Group, Poland.

Back To The Future
Anthony Fensom reports on the Australian coal industry.

Distilling Data
Mark Loveridge, Ampcontrol, Australia.

The Right Road: A Clear Path
Hanno Bertignoll, Sandvik Mining, Austria.

The Next Frontier
Chris Fischer, Mine Site Technologies, Australia.

Staying Flexible
Barry Woodbine, Samson Materials Handling, UK.

The Ticking Time Bomb
James Holden, Spencer Ogden, UK.

Get With The System
Rogerio Martins, Schneider Electric, Brazil.

This Is Spiral Tap
Prof. Gerald Luttrell, Virginia Tech University, US.

Hybrid Fire Suppression
Bob Ballard, Victaulic, and Chris Yoder, Pillar Innovations LLC, US.

Running Right: A Piece Of Pi
C. Addison, V. Davis, F. Addison and J. Walkup, Alpha Natural Resources, US.

A Touch Of Class
Baojie Zhang and Paul Brodzik, Derrick Corp., US, and Changzhi Bai, Process Engineering Co., China.

Septuagenarian Success
Jonathan Rowland explores the story behind Martin Engineering’s 70 years of service to the bulk materials handling industry.

150 Years Young
Jonathan Rowland journeys through 150 years of history with Paul Rheinländer, CEO of Eickhoff.

Know Thyself
Chris Armitage and Reuben Wunder, Emerson, US.

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